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This transformational model (Matt 22:37-39) is focused on Community Relational Soul Care that has been lived out through generations of relational soul caregivers since 1910. This book will bring spiritual vitality full circle for today to heal hurting people. Scripture reveals Jesus Christ is the Helper, Advocate, and Counselor, to help His children gain wisdom for spiritual vitality.

Dr. Larsen observed hurting people did not get fully healed after counseling. They fell back into old ways of living because they did not know their identity, had a relationship with Jesus Christ, experienced God, and were nurtured by His people. Relational soul caregivers mentor careseekers in and out of community (Matt 18:20) to restore God’s children in spiritual wisdom for the fulfillment of His plan. Relational soul caregivers are mentors who study God’s Word and have a relationship with Him. Some mentors have professional degrees, but they all share a collective focus on Jesus Christ, love one another, and help nurture others to spiritual vitality.

Using this biblical model with acrostics RELATE (relational soul caregivers that nurture others spiritually, mentally, and emotionally) and RESTORE (restoring God’s children through the basic study of His Word in the Epistles 1, 2, 3, John), reveal examples of God’s people helping each other to spiritual vitality. Healing emerges in relationships with God, others, and God-centered self in Community Relational Soul Care.

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